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Would you pay the ransom on your computer if you were, hit?
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Question: If I was hit by ransomware, should I pay the Ransom? Answer: Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing cyber-crimes, because it is one of the most profitable. Unlike, other malware that a hacker may or may not be able to monetize, ransomware is a direct path to being paid through extortion. Today’-sophisticated ransomware scams are based on a proven business model that oftentimes will even come with tech-support websites to make sure you get your data back. The criminals know that if word got out that paying the ransom did not result in getting your files back, no one would ever pay. There is no guarantee, however, that if you pay the ransom, you will get your files back as we do not have any credible data to work with. Most companies that have been hit with this attack do not want the word to get out, much less admit that they paid the ransom but did not get their data back. A couple of things are certain: Paying the ransom is risky and absolutely encourages them to continue attacking others. Link Communications can help with any and all of your computer needs
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